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Sourcing Service

We understand Chinese supply chain and we know how to work correctly. We aim to relieve your pain of dealing with many different Chinese suppliers and bring a smile on your face! 

What we deliver is not only goods, but also trust and a lots of happiness! 

A lots of old customers asked us to help them to source different products from China due to different reasons. Some of them had communication problem with their other suppliers, some of them were not satisfied with the service of their other suppliers, some of them did not want to waste too much time on small quantity products, some of them did not have enough purchase people for sourcing new products, some of them was cheated by other suppliers, some of them did not understand China and just didn’t know whether they should trust a new supplier or not, etc......  

We did a good job by helping them to source products from China. In this process, we have accumulated a lot of product experience, supplier experience and working experience. We understand Chinese supply chain and we know how to work correctly, we can choose the right suppliers to provide cost-effective products to our customers.

In the past few years, we successfully help our customers to source office supplies and stationary, wood furniture and other wooden products, plastic containers products, wedding and party products and many more..

Some overseas customers do not understand China and have prejudices against traders. They think that traders' prices must be high. They must find Chinese factories through Alibaba and other channels and only cooperate with factories because the prices of factories are the lowest. In fact, this is not all true! 

Most overseas customers said that their suppliers are factories. In fact, their suppliers are traders. It is difficult to identify whether a company is a trader or a factory through Alibaba and other online channels. Most of the suppliers of foreign customers are actually traders, not factories. 

For some countries, it is only take 2 or 3 hours by car from one end of the country to the other end. But China is very big, it will take at lease 2- 3 hours from one city to the other city by car or by flight, or even half a day or longer. 

In addition to many modern factories in China, there are also many small factories and family workshops spread out in different cities. These small factories and family workshops do not have expensive factory rents, expensive equipment, do not need to pay expensive management personnel costs, their overall production cost is low, so can provide lower product price. Many simple products that do not require high technology should actually be purchased from small factories and family workshops to obtain competitive prices. However, small factories and family workshops generally do not have English speaking salesmen . They do not sell directly to foreign customers, but only sell through local trading companies.

Foreign customers have no way to find such small factories and family workshops. Even if they can contact them, language communication is a big problem. At the same time, small factories and family workshops do not have a good quality control system, there is a lots of potential quality problem. Professional personnel are needed to control quality during production and before shipment. 

Chinese traders have excellent English communication skills, can accurately understand customer needs; are familiar with Chinese suppliers, can find the lowest price and suitable manufacturers, and provide customers with competitive prices. At the same time, strict quality control is carried out during the production process to ensure that the products meet customer needs. In addition, traders are also very professional in logistics and transportation, and can provide customers with reasonable suggestions to save freight costs.

A smart and reliable Chinese partner and trader can help you solve many headaches in the procurement process, can help you to source products at lower price, saving your time and your money, allowing you to focus on product sales and marketing and make your business grows faster. 

We are very proud that we help a lots of overseas customers and local small factories and family workshops to grow in the pass few years, and this is a service we can provide to all our customers. 

If you trust us, we will not let you down, this is our promise to you! 

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