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Company Profile

Most businesses are came from an opportunity, UCI was came from passion! 

Mrs. Jennifer Chan is the founder of UCI company. Before she started UCI company at 2018, she already worked in the magnet industry for 16 years! She has been mainly responsible for the international sales & marketing of magnetic products in the pass working experience, and has traveled to visit customers and distributors in 15 different countries. Therefore, she has very rich knowledge and experience in magnetic products and the magnetic industry, she has very deep understanding of European and American culture, and has very good English communication skills.

When she stopped a partnership cooperation and wanted to do something new at 2018, she wanted to start a company mainly focus on magnetic office and stationary products, because there was no such a Chinese company at that time, when a overseas customer wants to order several kinds of magnetic products for office, they need to order from different suppliers to get all what they need, she wanted to solve this problem for customers. She has no idea whether she will be successful in this new adventure or not, but this is her passion! She wants to do something new in an old industry!

Magnetic office and stationary products is a very small market segment, Jennifer knew from the beginning that magnetic products is not the only mission of the company, she will develop more and more products and business model later. So, she named the company UCI Magnet and More.

The company's development is closely related to her philosophy. We are dynamic, creative and wants to do everything a little bit different and better!  

We care about customers’ need, and strive to develop new products and new solutions that can better meet our customer’s requirement. From the following chart you can understand what we developed in the pass 6 years. We are constantly expanding and developing our product range and improving our service.

After years of hard working, now we have a complete range of adhesive - free, removable and reusable products, which enable us to fulfill different requirements and applications! 

Our sales person are not only answering customer’s question, we aim to understand the application of our customers and provide suitable solutions to help the customers to develop a perfect products. 

We are a reliable partner, for our customers, our suppliers and our employees. We do as we say and always keep our promises.

We are not just doing cold business with customers only by e-mail, we like to make friends with our customers. Our sales team traveled to many countries to participate exhibitions and visit our customers. We think a perfect cooperation is not only about price, but a total package includes price, quality, good communication, good service, trust and friendship! It is very important to meet with our customers face to face to understand each other, to share new information with each other. Sometimes, we just meet with a customer for one hour, but we understand each other much better than what we did in the pass 2 years by e-mail, we solve problem which are unable to be solved by e-mail. After brain storming, we come up with new business idea and opportunity together. After meet with our customers and understand their personality and requirements, we can provide better services and better products to our customers, most of our old customers are not only customers to us, but also very good friends, we support each other to grow together. 

Our main customers are office and stationary brand, school supplies brand, educational brand, publisher and E-commerce brand, our products have been exported to 38 different countries.

Our long term goal is to focus on office and educational market, focus on market research of customer’s requirement and keep developing innovative and practical products and provide more values to our customers.

Hope UCI products and service can bring Unique value, Convenience and Innovation to your work and your life! 

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