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Magnetic products are the core products of our company, but customers often tell us that magnetic products can only be used on iron surfaces, and they don’t have iron surfaces, so they ask us if there is a material that can replace soft magnets and be used on more walls.

Indeed, in our dairy life and working environment, magnetic or iron surface is very limited, and a lot of beautiful fridge door surfaces is not ferrous material.

In order to solve this application problem, our company has been engaged the research and development of materials that can replace soft magnetic materials since 2020. Our goal is to develop a material that can be applied to various walls, can be repeatedly pasted without leaving traces or damaging the wall.

At 2021, We developed U-Stickies product line, U-Stickies product is using thermoplastic material and silicone material to replace flexible magnet, which can apply to most smooth shiny wall surfaces, no matter it is magnetic or non magnetic, including glass, painted wood door, fridge, bottle, table, cabinet,whiteboard plastic ceramic etc, when apply the product to any smooth glossy wall, use your hand to squeeze the air out to create a vacuum suction environment, the product will firmly stick to the wall by vacuum-suction theory, and it is removable, no glue residue, reusable, no harm to wall surface, environmental friendly. And U-Stickies is light-weight products and non magnetic, it can save product shipping cost too!

Some of our customers used U-Stickies product on normal latex painted wall and found that the product left grease mark on the wall, which cannot be removed. In order to solve this headache,we developed Uni-Felt product line at the beginning of 2023.

Uni-Felt products is made by soft felt materials coated with gentle low tack glue on the back side, which can be used on any smooth glossy wall surfaces includes solid latex painted wall and some kind of wall paper surface, it is removable, reusable, will not leave glue residue or grease mark on the wall, and will not damage the wall surface.

And at the beginning of 2024, we developed electrostatic products, which is suitable for all dry wall surface which can create electrostatic, this product range can be reusable for several times, it is good for short-term applications.

Now we have a complete range of adhesive - free and reusable products, which enable us to fulfill different requirements and applications!

And we also offer sourcing service to our old customers to help them to source different products from China.

We focus on continuous development and we are constantly expanding and developing our product range and improving our service, and systematically diversify our offer. If you can not find a suitable products at our product list, please remember to check with our sales person, we will have solution for you.


A: If I want to develop a removable products, shall I choose U-Stickies or Uni-Felt? 
Q: Price of U-Stickies is expensive, recommend to use for small size products or for the applications which require to peel and stick every day at very high frequency and can be reusable for a long time, such as children's stickers, sticky notes, whiteboard stickers etc

If you want to develop Children’s wall game, it is better to use Uni-Felt materials to create the background of the game, and create removable stickers using U-Stickies materials. The background apply to the wall and do not need to remove frequently, the U-Stickies stickers can use on the 
uni-felt surface, and can be reusable for more than 2000 times. 

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