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Childrens Reusable Sticker Books

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Standard Size :Hard cover, unfold size: 70.5X35CM, folded size: 23.5X35CM

Materials :Book cover: paper card Reusable stickers: TPE sticky material and printed film

Printing :4C printing

Packaging :Opp bag

Stock Available :YES

ODM available :Yes

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  • Children's Reusable Sticker Books 

    Children's sticker books are a popular type of activity book designed to engage and entertain young children. These books typically feature colorful illustrations and reusable stickers that children can use to decorate the pages.


    Colorful illustrations

    High quality colorful printing, can improve kids' color perception.


    Educational content

    Kids use their imagination to tell a story, and remember a lot of name and words.


    Thicker card stock

    We use thicker card stock to make the book, so it is more durable than the the book from other brand. And kids can use it for longer time.


    Reusable stickers

    The Nano removable stickers is made by durable materials and it is water-proof.

    If the glue side is dirty, just rinse off and it will stick again like new!! The stickers

    can be reusable for more than 2000 times.


    Easy to peel and stick

    The Nano removable stickers is soft and thick, easy for kids to peel and stick,

    and easy to tell a story and interactive with the stickers.


    Wide range application

    The reusable stickers can be used on all kinds of smooth glossy surface, so other than

    use on the book, the stickers can be used on door, table, mug, glass, or painted wood,

    kids can use the stickers at a lots of places at home as decoration.


    Where to use:

    Use ahome, at School, during a trip, or when waiting at restaurant, this books can attract your kids and make them keep quite. 

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