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Silicone Dry Erase Hand Band

Product Code :Silicone hand band

Standard Size :Custom

Materials :silicone

Printing :Custom

Packaging :Paper box

Stock Available :Yes

ODM available :Yes

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  • Silicone Dry Erase Hand Band

    Wearable Nurse Notepad

    The unique wist-band is a portable note and notepad wrapped around your wrist. You can write with an oil-based ballpoint pen and rub it with your fingers or an eraser to erase it. You can write down important times, vital signs, work notes, daily do to list, and more anytime, anywhere. Since it does not disappear even if it gets wet, you can wash your hands or work underwater while wearing it. 

    Can Be Written And Erased

    The front of the wristband can record the contents, and the back is a measuring ruler ( 8in/20cm). You can write directly with an oil-based ballpoint pen and erase it by rubbing it with an eraser. (It is recommended to use ZEBRA 0.7mm core for the ballpoint pen.) It is best to erase within 24 hours. Also you can clean it with alcohol or alcohol wipes and reuse it. 

    You Never Forget To List

    This silicone wristband is a perfect substitute for paper scribe pad, nurse sticky notes, nurse notepad and nursing notes. It is specially designed for nurse stuff, vet, nurse practitioners and pre med student. Also it can be used as ADHD tool and essentials for work for dementia, forgetful people, engineering staff, designers, students and office staff, eliminating the need to look for a measuring ruler while working. 

    Waterproof & Reusable

    The silicone reminder bracelet features a waterproof life, so even if you wash your hands, the handwriting on the silicone wristband memo will not disappear. You can wash your hands or work underwater while wearing it. The tightness of the wristband is automatically adjusted to fit most people's wrist sizes. 

    Wide Application

    Wearable memo products are 1.78in wide, 9.45in long and 0.08in thick. It snaps around your wrist and you can easily take notes. With a special design, you can put notes on your wrist to remind you of important lists, tasks, chores and more. It can also be used as a measuring instrument, ruler, medicine memo for the elderly, and work essentials.

    Package includes

    4 Silicone Memo Waterproof Wristbands; 1 Eraser; 1 Erasable Oil-Based Ink Pen; 1 Planning Sticker. One side of the wristband is a measuring ruler, which you can use to measure what you want to measure, the size of the measuring ruler is: 8 inch (20cm). The other side can be used to record what you want to record. 


    You can use the matching eraser to erase the imprint after you use it, or you can clean it with alcohol or alcohol wipes and reuse it. 

    Special gift

    Our wristbands are made of silicone, which is safe and sound. You can give them to doctors, designers, students, teachers, office workers, forgettable people, and more. This wristband reminds you of what needs to be done at any time, so you never forget it. 

    Wide application

    Silicone memo wristband can help remind you of to-do items, study tasks, etc. At the same time, it can also be used as a decompression toy. When you feel tired, you can tap this wristband lightly on your wrist and it will be fixed on your wrist. Thereby achieving a relaxing effect. 


    After erasing with an oil-based ink pen, some marks may be left.

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